Medical Malpractice

Confidential settlement for a lady who suffered vision impairment during a routine cataract surgery.
Confidential settlement for a client who did not receive proper treatment following an automobile accident.
Confidential settlement for a young child born with cerebral palsy as a result of birth injuries suffered when her mother’s diabetic reaction was not stabilized.
Confidential settlement for a man who suffered injuries as a result of the negligent management of an infection after an automobile accident.
$610,000 jury verdict jury verdict for the family of a lady who died as a result of a failure to diagnose breast cancer. That was, and still is, a record verdict for the rural Missouri county where the case was tried.
Confidential settlement for a man who suffered a severe stroke because doctors failed to diagnose and treat an allergic reaction to anesthetic medication administered during a routine surgery.
$4,000,000 settlement Medical Malpractice
$1,000,000 settlement Medical Malpractice