Insurance Coverage Disputes

Confidential settlement for the family of a young father who died when his HMO did not fulfill its contractual obligations under its health insurance agreement.
Confidential settlement for an employee seeking coverage from his ERISA plan for medical treatment for injuries he suffered when his arm became entangled in a hay baler.
Confidential settlement for a man against his insurance carrier for bad faith and breach of contract in failing to defend and cover him and his business for claims arising out of an auto accident.
Confidential settlement from uninsured motorist insurer following the deaths of two women in an automobile accident.
$260,000 settlement from a property insurer for a business that was vandalized by thieves who stole copper pipes and wiring. This came after the insurer denied coverage for the claim and the firm filed a lawsuit to enforce the insurance policy.
$100,000 settlement (policy limits) from uninsured motorist insurer following an automobile accident resulting in a severe shoulder injury.